Ford Ranger Service in Jacksonville, IL

Ford Ranger Service in Jacksonville, IL

The new Ford Ranger is a popular truck with Jacksonville, IL drivers for numerous reasons. The Ranger is known for quality and reliability like other Ford models; however, as you put miles on the engine, it's important to remember to schedule regular maintenance appointments.

Our service specialists wanted to put out a helpful guide so drivers in our community can get the most out of their vehicles. If you'd like a breakdown of the essential services for your Ranger and its mileage, refer to our maintenance schedule.

How Often Is Ford Ranger Service Needed?

It's not always necessary to drive to the dealership to assess various aspects of your Ranger's maintenance. There are numerous parts a handy driver can evaluate themselves to ensure that they're getting the most from their truck. If, however, you notice that any of these components need repair, maintenance, or replacement, you can schedule a service appointment with us.

  • Engine oil
  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Tires

We'll review the recommended service intervals for Ford Ranger models in the sections below.

Schedule Maintenance Twice a Year

There are a few steps to take when assessing your Ranger's condition biannually. This list includes:

  • Checking the battery. Its terminals should be clean and corrosion-free.
  • Examining the coolant. The fluid should be clean and present at an adequate level.
  • Testing the safety restraints. Seat latches and belts must be wear-free and functional.

Read on to learn about mileage-based Ranger service.

Services to Get Every 5,000 Miles

According to the experts at Ford, it's best to bring your Ranger in for service at 5,000-mile intervals. At that time, we'll perform a range of standard services to ensure outstanding performances throughout your truck's lifespan. Here's what you can expect at your 5,000-mile service:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Inspection of the wheels for wear, drag, looseness, and noise
  • Tire Rotation and alignment
  • Inspection of the tire tread's depth
  • Examination of the universal joints, ball joints, and steering linkage with lubrication if required

Below, we'll review other services your Ford Ranger may need throughout its lifetime in Jacksonville, IL.

Other Important Services

While all vehicles need occasional service-and there's no way to predict when the need will arise-you can refer to the following mileage intervals to ensure lasting performance, reliability, and quality. Keep in mind our trained service technicians can perform all these procedures quickly and efficiently. The list of mileage-based services includes:

  • Replacing the cabin air filter every 20,000 miles
  • Changing the frame- and engine-mounted fuel filters, as well as the engine air filter, every 30,000 miles
  • Replacing spark plugs every 60,000 miles
  • Flushing engine coolant and inspecting drive belts every 100,000 miles
  • Changing transmission, front axle, and rear axle fluid every 150,000 miles

No matter your Ford Ranger's mileage, you can count on us for fast, friendly, and efficient service. Call or click today to schedule an appointment with us.

You Can Count on Us

The service pros at Westown Ford want to help keep your Ranger in world-class shape. We're one of the area's most reliable options simply because our factory-trained technicians provide trustworthy, honest service. We do the job right the first time, every time-and we only use OEM parts. Browse our service specials for deals on Ranger maintenance and repairs, and when you are ready, make an appointment for a time that's convenient.

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