Ford Mustang Service in Jacksonville, IL

Ford Mustang Service Intervals in Jacksonville, IL

When you buy a new or used Ford Mustang, you want it to deliver flawless capability and performance for years and years. However, if you want your muscle car to keep up its excellent performance, we encourage you to keep up with the recommended service. Follow the schedule below, and when the time comes for your Ford car to receive maintenance service, make sure to make an appointment at our service center. We have highly trained and experienced technicians at Westown Ford who can take good care of your Ford Mustang.

Learn More About Your Ford Mustang Service Intervals

You do not need to be a highly qualified technician to understand your car's maintenance schedule. At Westown Ford, we always break down the service intervals in miles since time is a challenging form of measurement. Furthermore, mileage is always an easy benchmark for most drivers. When it comes to maintaining your car, each mile interval will involve different services that your vehicle will need. However, some services are repetitive, so you should always ensure that the technician performs them when you bring your car for maintenance.

The 10,000-Mile Interval

In this mileage interval, the technician can inspect and rotate the tires, as well as replace the oil filter and engine oil. The certified technician can also examine the exhaust system, cooling system, drive shafts, braking system and joints.

The 20,000-Mile Interval

Given the performance levels of the Ford Mustang, this sedan requires some crucial care to ensure that its thrilling driving experience never fades. Apart from fulfilling the services listed above, the technician may also replace the cabin air filters, air filters and brake pads.

The 30,000-Mile Interval

You will require routine services like oil change, tire inspection and rotation during this service interval. Our technicians can also inspect some crucial components of your car like the exhaust system, braking system and cooling system. To conclude your service appointment, our technicians can also conduct some brake services, including brake pad replacement and brake rotor replacement.

The 40,000-Mile Interval

When your car reaches this mark, it requires a thorough inspection and undergoes several standard procedures. These include inspections of the fuel filter, spark plugs, drive belts and the coolant.

The 50,000-Mile Interval

Most services that technicians perform at this time are meant to enhance the future performance of your car. This implies inspection of parts that might start to age at this time. The components of your Ford Mustang that technicians can inspect during this service include motor mounts, hoses and the suspension system.

The 70,000-Mile Interval

At this point, your performance car can still be running efficiently and smoothly. However, you will still require scheduled maintenance services like engine coolant replacement and shock absorber replacement to retain its value and performance.

We Know How to Service Ford Mustang Models

Now that you know the several services your Ford Mustang will require throughout its life, you are ready to keep it purring for a long time. When the time comes to schedule a maintenance service, contact our service department to book an appointment. If you want to learn more or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.

Service Frequently Asked Questions

What oil type should I use in my Ford Mustang?

The duty of car engine oil is to clear away sludge and lubricate the engine. However, when choosing the type of oil to use, checking your car's manual is an ideal place to start. However, depending on your driving style, you might want to adjust the viscosity of your oil slightly. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the type of oil that fits your car's engine.

When should I get an oil change for my Ford Mustang?

Ford recommends setting up an oil change after every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. However, you should check your owner's manual or contact your dealer to find more about your car's service intervals.

When you schedule an appointment for your Ford Mustang's service at Westown Ford, you can rest easy knowing it will be in skilled hands. We look forward to helping you enjoy the power of your Mustang around Jacksonville, IL for a long time to come!

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