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Service Your Ford F-150 in Jacksonville, IL

If you want to get the most performance out of your Ford truck, it will take more than a simple oil change. Ford F-150 trucks require the attention of people that know the vehicle from the inside and out. We welcome you to schedule service at Westown Ford in Jacksonville, IL. We specialize in servicing Ford F-150 trucks.

The Ford F-150 is one of our primary specialties. We understand what needs to checking and the parts that you need to ensure your pickup runs smoothly for the duration between your servicing schedule.

Ford F-150 Service Intervals

As a Ford owner, you want to be made aware of when vital parts to your truck require repair or replacement. While we can quickly locate and remedy any parts that could become problematic later, be sure that you're aware of significant wear on each of the F-150's brake pads.

Brakes themselves are crucial to keeping you and any passengers safe on Jacksonville's streets. Did you notice your brakes becoming harder to push and taking longer to slow down? We strongly recommend that you look into changing them out. We'll swiftly trade out any worn-down brake pads for an OEM replacement at the sign of wear when you come in for service with us.

Additional Services That We Offer for Ford F-150 Drivers

We recommend a thorough evaluation of the Ford F-150 at regular intervals as part of your truck's preventive maintenance plan. Our Ford service experts will look under the chassis for signs of rust on your catalytic converter, framing, and transmission. While we're at it, we can flush the latter out with transmission fluid. Our Ford technicians recommend that you do this every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, predicated on the model of your F-150 and its overall performance. We'll also take a look at your engine, giving it a filter and oil change that's quick and easy in line with keeping up with your maintenance schedule. If you haven't done this service in a while, you should consider coming through to get the old oil lagging inside of your intake replaced.

F-150 Service FAQs

What Type of Oil Should I Use for the F-150?

Most Ford F-150 models are compatible with engine oils numbered SAE 5W-30. However, any oil certified by the American Petroleum Institute is suitable for F-150 trucks that run off regular unleaded and diesel.

Will Servicing My Ford F-150 Extend its Lifetime?

Getting your F-150 routinely serviced not only boosts its overall performance but extends the lifetime of its engine, transmission, and electrical components. Servicing also increases your safety and the safety of others that travel with you.

When Do I Need an Oil Change?

There are two parts of a typical oil change with a Ford F-150. The first step involves a switch of your filter and the oil inside of it, recommended to be done by Ford technicians every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. A standard synthetic oil change can wait for as long as 7,500 to 10,000 miles. However, depending on the age and health of your F-150 and the amount of time that you don't spend behind the wheel, getting your oil flushed out immediately after a period of little driving activity is a good idea.

Ready to Get Your F-150 Serviced? We're Here for You.

We offer service to Ford F-150 models at our dealership. You can visit us when you're nearby or schedule a visit over the phone or online. Keeping your Ford vehicle in good shape is our priority. We'll be happy to check your F-150 for any changes and upgrade suggestions.

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