Service Your Ford Bronco at Our Jacksonville, IL Dealership

Service Your Ford Bronco in Jacksonville, IL

If you love your Ford Bronco, it is good to take it for maintenance more often. At Westown Ford, we have a service center where we service the Ford Bronco and other Ford models. Maintaining your Ford Bronco make it a car you can rely on for many years to come. We tend to receive questions on servicing the Ford Bronco.

What Is The Ford Bronco's Oil Type?

The oil type that any Ford Bronco should partake in is the synthetic blend motor oil, the most recommended in the automotive market.

When Do I Change The Oil?

The oil change is among the first service. It is always done after you hit the 15,000 miles.

Benefits of Servicing Your Ford Bronco

Servicing your Ford Bronco model is accompanied by the following advantages:

  • Servicing your vehicle prevents malfunctioning, which may happen at any time when cruising.
  • Improves car performance by making it run like a new one.
  • Your car will last for a long time. In other words, servicing results in the durability of the vehicle.
  • You'll easily find a buyer interested in your vehicle if you want to sell it since it is in top condition.

Why Bring Your Ford Bronco For Service?

There are many reasons why you should consider servicing with us. To begin with, like any other dealership in Jacksonville, IL, we are also authorized to offer such services. We are also filled with several skilled experts who do the necessary maintenance to your Ford Bronco and ensure it performs well. Our team is trained well and conversant with any Ford Bronco, whether new or used.

Another good reason you should bring your Ford model at Bob Ridings Westown Ford is that we use genuine parts during the servicing process. Maintaining your vehicle may require the replacement of some parts. The parts we use to service your Ford Bronco are certified by the manufacturer, evident from the warranty coverage accompanying the parts.

The following are the service intervals you'll have to follow if you have a Ford Bronco. They are:

What are The Service Intervals?

  • Service after 15,000 miles: This interval is the first time you will have your Ford Bronco hood opened. Like most models in the automotive industry, the Ford Bronco will also receive an oil change, tire rotation, and replacement of air filter.
  • Service after 30,000 miles: At this interval, many of the services done in the 15,000-mile interval are also included in this one. However, we recommend that the suspension, fuel filter, and brake pads be checked.
  • Service after 45,000 miles: This is the part where most drivers start contending with more replacement parts. The spark plugs will require replacement, so will the air filter and battery. Usually, a battery should last four years. The steering components, transmission, and drivetrain also get inspected in this interval.
  • Service at 60,000 miles: Most wearable parts have already been replaced and are approaching the second replacement. The parts include spark plugs, fuel filters, and brake pads. In addition, the following will also have to be replaced: CV joints, fuel injectors, tie rods, and starter motor.
  • 90,000 miles service: This service schedule requires a thorough inspection, which may also include interior accessories. The tech features get checked to ensure they are still working properly.

Please do not hesitate to bring your Ford Bronco for servicing at our dealership in Jacksonville, IL. You'll also get to know more about us and our servicing schedules. We are always open to all new and returning customers. Our team of experts is committed to giving you value for your service money.

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