Bring your vehicle to our service department if your Ford Mustang, Lincoln Navigator, Ford F-150, Lincoln Corsair, Ford Ranger, or other vehicle needs new brakes. Our auto repair shop provides quality brake pad replacement and brake service near Pittsfield.

When Are New Brake Pads Necessary?

Low brake fluid and trouble with abrupt stops around Mount Sterling are typical symptoms of worn brake pads. You might also notice that the brake pedal seems spongy or soft, that the car is dragging to one side, that it vibrates, or your vehicle has become challenging to drive. These are all signs of worn brake shoes, brake pads, or other associated parts.

When Are New Brake Rotors Needed?

The most frequent indication of damaged brake rotors is grinding and metal-on-metal noises. These are typically due to complete brake pad wear, which causes metal-on-metal contact between the rotors and brake pads. Once you begin hearing these sounds, the only real fix is usually a complete brake job service.

The best action to take is to make an appointment for an inspection if your brakes are shaking, flashing your brake warning light, exhibiting any other strange behaviors, or simply not functioning appropriately.

How Often Should My Brakes Get Replaced?

For model-specific brake instructions, you can consult your owner's manual. Our technicians can easily examine and also offer you a consultation on your brakes. However, the likelihood that your brake pads may wear out sooner increases if your daily drives around Jacksonville are filled with stop-and-go traffic, you frequently tow big loads, or you travel at high speeds before braking. Please allow our technicians to inspect your brakes if you are unsure about their condition.

Schedule Your Brake Check Today

Visit us at Bob Ridings Westown Ford Lincoln for a brake check or repair. Especially if your car vibrates when you brake, your brakes create strange noises, or you have trouble slowing down to a halt. You can contact our dealership or make an appointment online when you're ready to arrange a service appointment for your brakes. We proudly serve Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

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