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Used Ford Flex for Sale in Jacksonville IL

Somewhere between a station wagon and an SUV is the Ford Flex. But, despite what you might think, this versatile vehicle delivers solidly on its value.

The Ford Flex is offered in several colors and trim levels from which to choose. Some models come in a factory two-tone color scheme that paints the roof a different color from the rest of the body.

While there are several reasons why you might consider buying a used Ford Flex, here are two common ones for the Jacksonville IL area.


The Ford Flex is incredibly large. Although, while driving it, you might not notice the extra space you've gained in the trunk or passenger seating. You sit lower to the ground, which provides a healthy balance between a large SUV and a small station wagon.

There is plenty of space for camping trips, road trips, daily commutes, and small businesses. The usable space alone makes the Ford Flex one of the most versatile vehicles on the market.


The Flex can be outfitted to fit all the needs of a large or growing family. While it is not a mini-van, it does share some of the same qualities. For example, they are incredibly safe and possess three rows of seats.

Some options even provide a refrigerator for canned beverages in-between two captain chairs that sit in the middle row. The vehicle's functionality makes it a luxurious alternative to many SUVs, station wagons, and mini-vans.

Choosing the Right Model

Finding the right used Ford Flex for you may be challenging but well worth the effort. If you are uncertain of what options are available or are looking for something specific, contact our sales professionals today.

It is our pleasure to serve all the driving needs within the Jacksonville IL area.