Keeping your cool: How to take good care of your car's AC


Your car's air conditioning system is one of the most appreciated features in your car when the weather heats up. Most AC systems seem to work well so it's easy to take it for granted. But when your AC starts letting you down, there are things you can check on. There are also ways the service experts at Westown Ford can maintain your car's AC so it's less likely to fade when the heat is on.

Things to check when your AC doesn't work

The most basic question is, "Does your system blow cold air?" If not, the most common problem is low refrigerant, which is relatively simple to address. It could also be something more serious like a bad condenser. Another question: Do you hear a funny noise? That could be a compressor on its last legs. Do you notice moisture inside your car? There might be moisture in the AC system.

When the AC isn't working well, do you notice the air smells bad? If you haven't turned on your air conditioning for quite a while, like during the winter, micro-organisms can multiply and make things smell bad. Last question: Do you notice something is leaking? You might see fluid under your car that doesn't look like engine oil. Don't touch it because leaking refrigerant can be dangerous. 

When your AC isn't working, let our experts handle it

Automotive air conditioning can be complex and so can the repairs. In addition, as we just noted, leaking refrigerant can be dangerous, so it's best to trust experts like the experienced, factory-trained technicians in the service center at Westown Ford. We have the tools and the expertise to diagnose your AC issues, recommend the right solution and repair it well so you can once again beat the heat.

Tips on how to maintain your AC

The first recommendation you might hear at Westown Ford is to have us inspect your AC every 12 months or 12,000 miles. We'll make sure it's running efficiently and let you know of any service it needs. One thing you can do is to run your car's air conditioning in the winter. If you do it once a week for about 10 minutes, you'll generate gas pressure that will help the compressor keep working properly.

An additional recommendation is to run your car's AC in the winter. Machines are made to run so turning on the air conditioning helps keep the components healthy. The extra benefit is that your AC is good at taking humidity out of the air inside your car. Do your windows fog over a lot in the winter? That's another good time to turn on the AC because it gets rid of windshield fog so you can see clearly.

One other tip worth mentioning is to run your defrost mode occasionally for at least five minutes. That helps prevent mildew and can eliminate excess moisture, which helps banish bad odors from your car.

Ask us to provide AC maintenance at Westown Ford 

We can inspect your air conditioning system to spot leaks or damage you probably wouldn't notice. When we can detect a problem early, it can save you money and time. We also recommend letting us re-charge your AC every two years to refresh the system. Talk to a service manager at Westown Ford in Jacksonville IL for more tips on how to help your AC keep its cool.

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