The Ford Fusion is a mid-sized sedan that you can find at Weston Ford in Jacksonville, IL. This car comes in gas-powered, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions. All of these Ford Fusions are safe cars to drive as they are loaded with some of the best and most technologically advanced safety features found on any vehicle on the market today. Read on to learn more about the Ford Fusion.

Blind-Spot Information System

When you attempt to change lanes, you always need to check your blind-spot to help prevent an accident. The Fusion helps you with this. The Fusion's sensors check for vehicles in the blind-spot, and you will be alerted if a vehicle is detected on your drives in Jacksonville, IL.

Rear-View Camera

The Ford Fusion's rearview camera helps take some of the danger out of backing up. It allows you to make sure that a person or object is not in your path when you place the car in reverse.

Auto High-Beams

High-Beams help you to see better when traveling on roads with poor lighting. The Fusion brings the high-beams on when appropriate. The system will switch the lights down to low when necessary.

Lane-Keeping System

Drifting beyond the designated lane markings can lead to road run-off, head-on collisions, and side-to-side accidents. The Ford Fusion's lane-keeping system monitors the lane markings. If you start to drift over the line, an alert is provided to help you get back into the correct lane.

Pre-Collision Alert With Automatic Emergency Braking

Sensors in the front of the new Ford Fusion scan the area out in front of the car, looking for stopped vehicles or objects in the roadway. If a potential frontal collision is detected, you are warned. If you are not able to put on the brakes quickly enough, the system will brake automatically to prevent or mitigate an accident.

Visit Weston Ford to Learn More

As you can see, the new Ford Fusion is a safe vehicle to drive. Those who live in the Jacksonville, IL, area can visit us at Weston Ford to test drive and learn more about the Ford Fusion. We look forward to working with you soon!

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